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Our Tea Gardens of Scotland Scottish based consultant Beverly-Claire Wainwright, is an independent consultant and very happy to be contacted regarding consultancy for tea growing and making. Beverly runs The Scottish Tea Factory which offers tea courses and tea experiences.
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About Beverly-Claire Wainwright

Beverly worked as manager of Amba tea estate in Sri Lanka where she spent several years experimenting with hand made tea, before finally setting up a micro-scale tea factory and training local women to make tea. She developed a range of high quality specialist teas that were exported worldwide to stores such as Harney and Sons in the U.S.A. and Fortnum and Mason in the U.K.

Since returning to Scotland Beverly has worked as an associate tea consultant for Teacraft Ltd, advising growers in the U.S.A. to help them create award-winning teas and working with aspiring tea growers in the UK. Beverly’s role with Tea Gardens of Scotland was both as consultant to conduct micro-experiments to assess the flavour profile and best processing methods for Scottish tea, and as project co-ordinator. In additions Beverly led tea tours throughout the world. Closer to home she is working within local communities to pass on her knowledge and great love of tea.

We are very grateful and learned so much from her and other wonderful tea masters form around the world and are now experimenting ourselves.

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