Tea growers and Specialists from around the world

Nigel Melican Jason McDonald Herman Gunerathne Paddy Lappin Andrew Gardner

Tea People!

Our Tea Gardens of Scotland project has brought us in contact with many amazing Tea Growers and Specialists from around the world - all so encouraging helping us navigate the road to successful growing this far north! Each garden with it's different challenges has collaborated with different people

Nigel Melican

International tea consultant Nigel Melican of Teacraft Limited was commissioned by the group to complete our feasibility study in 2015 to assess the suitability of our gardens to grow tea in Scotland.
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Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald of The Great Mississippi Tea Company is an expert in growing tea in marginal conditions and advised the group in 2018 and 2019 regarding field management, plant nutrition, and pruning. He gave a workshop for Scottish Growers at The Scottish Tea Factory that was well attended by growers from all over Scotland.
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Herman Gunerathne

A group of TGS growers visited Herman Gunerathne of The Handunugoda Tea Estate and Tea Museum, Sri Lanka on a tea study tour in 2017. Following our visit Herman came to Scotland when the tea seedlings were still in the green houses and offered advice and encouragement to several of our growers.
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Paddy Lappin

We have since 2016 had a couple of visits and advice from Paddy Lappin, a retired tea planter with decades of experience in India and Sri Lanka.

Andrew Gardner

Following a visit to Nepal to source tea seed, Susie Walker-Munro arranged a visit to Scotland from Andrew Gardner, a tea planter and consultant, trained in Darjeeling with over 34 years experience in setting up new plantations, factories and creating speciality teas. His area of expertise is in high altitude, high quality plantations, namely Guranse, JunChiyabari and Everest Tea Factory Nepal.
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