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Scottish grown tea plants for sale

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Following a high level of enquiries and interest after the 40,000 cold-hardy tea seeds germinated in 2016, valuable lessons were learned and efficiencies have been put in place for commercial growing, supply and sale of cold hardy tea plants in UK.

The minimum order for delivery - 1 pallet = 140 tea plants

The minimum order for self collect in Angus - 24 tea plants (supplied in a plywood box)

We welcome enquiries from growers, nurseries and commercial plant sellers.

ABOUT THE TEA PLANTS FOR SALE - Buy now and prepare for planting in 2021

In 2018 Susie Walker-Munro visited Nepal to meet with Andrew Gardner to purchase cold tolerant tea seed. Andrew is a tea planter and has been growing and making teas for the last 35 years. Trained in Darjeeling, he worked there for ten years and then moved to Nepal to set up new plantations in central Nepal and the far east in Ilam district. It is from Ilam that he has arranged the collection of seed for us again this year too which are arriving into Edinburgh in February 2020. These seeds are polyclonal from Guranse Tea Estate which is one of the highest gardens in the Himalayan region (7000ft) and currently we are preparing new premises for the arrival of these seeds at Kinnettles Tea Garden in Angus.

Seed beds and trolleys are in place and boxes of soil filled sleeves now being prepared in anticipation of a good germination! This will be around early April and as these plants are being grown specifically for outside planting they will be ready for sale in April 2021 fully hardened off. The minimum order is 140 plants (a pallet which is easier for shipment) or if you are able to self collect the minimum order is 24 (in a plywood box).

Tea growing needs some prior thought, so if you are interested please check your soil pH first (tea likes acidic soil and Scotland has plenty of this - a pH of 5.5 is ideal). Also check the pH of your water supply if irrigating, as quite often bore hole water will be a pH of 7 or even 8. You should also get a soil analysis done and consider pre-conditioning your ground dependent on its previous use. (At Kinnettles we pre-conditioned with clovers to nitrogen fix the year before planting).

If interested in a quote and pre-booking plants then please Contact us and your enquiry will be directed to Susie Walker-Munro.

Prior to purchase you may wish to:

Visit an already established Tea Garden Tour

Attend a Tea Tasting

Receive on-site Tea Consultancy

Go on a Tea plucking course

Attend a Tea making course

Stay at a Tea Garden

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