Unique journeys of TGS tea growers in Perthshire

Perthshire tea gardens growing Scottish tea

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Perthshire's fertile soil is renowned for growing soft fruit and historically apples. Wine growers talk a lot about the importance of 'terroir', the unique mix of climate, soil and aspect. In Perthshire's case, the soil is fertile and also slightly acidic, which it turns out tea plants (camelia sinensis) love. Rolling countryside provides south facing slopes to make the most of the summer sunshine, walled gardens and woodland provide shelter from the wind and the waters run crystal clear. Although tea growing is not yet a tradition, the need for farmers and landowners to diversify and seek new ways to make a living is as old as the hills.

Broich Tea Garden, Perthshire

The terroir at Broich is not like the other properties in the TGS partnership. It lies in lowland Strathearn, alongside the River Earn, only 88 metres above sea level on rich alluvial soil / silt. The garden is in a very sheltered spot with a sunny micro climate. The tea is planted in the garden next to our holiday cottage and tea tasting experiences are available at the nearby Scottish tea factory - 4 miles away.

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Megginch Castle Tea Garden, Perthshire

Inspired by her ancestor, Robert Drummond, Captain of The General Elliot, an East Indian Company’s merchant ship sailing the 1780's, Catherine Drummond-Herdman is growing tea in the Walled Garden.

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St Martins Tea Garden, Perthshire

St Martins Tea Garden is planted in a previously abandoned walled garden. Pigs were introduced to clear the land prior to planting approx 5,000 tea plants.

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Dollerie Tea Garden, Perthshire

In lowland Strathearn between Crieff and Madderty a tea maze has been designed in the private garden of Dollerie House. Tea tourism is being planned

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Growing and planting tea bushes

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Making tea, research and experimenting to create a create unique teas that relate to our Scottish terroir