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Tap into Tea Gardens of Scotland's work in innovation, research and education covering all aspects of our speciality tea journey.

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Diary dates and recurring feedback: 'There is so much that I didn't even realise that I didn't know about tea.'

9 Unique Tea Gardens - 9 stories and a wealth of experience

Tea from seed to cup

Tap into Tea Gardens of Scotland's work in innovation, research and education in all aspects of our speciality tea journey.

We share our journey - through research, innovation and hard work, trial and tribulations and successful breakthroughs.

Choosing the seeds, planting and nurturing in a marginal climate, plant and field husbandry, companion planting, harvesting, tea making, tea tasting, tea brewing, tea serving, tea etiquette, history of tea are all big subjects on their own.

TGS is committed to working with others from around the world to grow their knowledge and promote growing and making speciality tea. Collaborating and talking with others; tea growers, farmers, specialty fruit growers, agronomists, tea consultants, tea sommeliers and tea makers, all with diverse interests, challenges and knowledge has enabled to pioneer our quest for growing tea in such a marginal climate.

Through working group tours, special speaker events, charity fundraisers, we share our insightful and nurturing tea journey.

Public events

Nov 2016: Kinnettles Tea Garden: Talk to Rotary Club in Forfar. (LAG member present).

March 2017: TGS Group: Sri Lankan High Commission presentation (at Edinburgh University business School and the networking at the Waldorf Astoria)

August 2017: TGS Group: Japanese delegation headed up by the Consular General at Megginch (Perth) and separate event with a stand also attended by the Consular General at Lauriston Castle.

October 2017: TGS: Presentation to Tokyo University Economics Agriculture intake (in Shizouka)

Nov 2017: TGS Presentation to Kyoto Infused with Tea presentation (in Kyoto)

July 2017: Kinnettles Tea Garden: Presentation to the Nuffield Scholars fellowship.

TGS: Eassie and Glamis primary school visit.

Kinnettles Tea Garden: Talk to Padanarum Rural (Forfar) - Growing Tea in Scotland.

Jan 2018: Kinnettles Tea Garden: Presentation to the Rural Leadership 2016 batch. June 2018: Kinnettles Tea Garden: Strathmore Junior Agricultural club.

Balbeggie womans group organized by St Martins.

August 2019: Broich Tea Garden - BBC1 Country file

Oct 2019: Derby tea festival presentation.

January 2020: Kinnettles Tea Garden: Forfar Ladies Lunch Club presentation.

April 2020: Megginch Castle Tea Garden: Open Day

May 2020: Kinnettles Tea Garden: Fife women in business presentation in Glenrothes.

May 2020: Kinnordy Tea Garden: Open Day

Charitable opening in 2019, with help of, and money going to Royal Highland Educational Trust. We had around 50 visitors on conducted tours, raising £900.

June 2020: Kinnettles and St Martins Tea Garden: James Taylor memorial unveiling 24 bushes donated to link up tourism opportunities at Auchenblae (Aberdeenshire).

August 2020: BBC ONE SHOW filming

November 2020: BBC MORNING LIVE

November 2020: Kinnettles Tea Garden: Forfar Ladies Guild at the Lowson Memorial Church presentation. Note: Kinnordy Tea Garden has done this year talks to 2 Rural Women's Institutes on tea in Scotland and another one in the diary. Kinnettles has 2 more talks in the diary for January and May 2020

Feedback from public Tea Tastings

If you can't visit Scotland at the moment, increase your technical processing skills for making tea at home.

We highly recommend the UK Tea Academy where there is a short well priced on line course you can take if interested in making tea at home or gifting to someone who is!

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Tea garden visits with tea tastings

Some Tea Gardens of Scotland offer Garden Visits, Tea Tours and Tea Tasting by appointment.


Kinnettles Tea Garden


Megginch Castle Tea Garden


Rankeilour Tea Garden


Holiday accommodation where tea is growing.

Broich Tea Garden

Dollerie Tea Garden

Tea drinkers like to taste a cup with a difference – provenance, quality and wellness.

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