Growing Scottish tea in Angus

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Scottish from Seed

The two tea gardens in Angus are both old walled gardens in need of restoration and a new purpose! The Victorians knew what they were doing when they positioned their gardens to give the vegetables and flowers the best of the sun's light and warmth. An additional advantage is that the walls protect from wind and keep both the deer and the rabbits at bay.

Angus is well known for its fertile soil producing potatoes and soft fruits, but tea particularly favours nitrogen so one garden planted crimson clover to condition the ground. This was ploughed back in prior to planting. The two growers tea planting strategies also differ. One has grown their own seed using root trainers and has decided to wait another year before planting out. The other has planted out this year and will decide what formative pruning is required next year after sharing ideas and information with the other TGS growers.

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Scottish tea grown and made in Angus, Scotland

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